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We help you reach the upper limits. Providing technical solutions, website creation, and a range of marketing services from leaflet distribution to online advertising.

Strive To Be Different

Helping to Turn ideas into action. Whether a new idea, or a family business. OnDevs Provide a 1to1 personal approach unlike any other.

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Cutting edge web services, to propel your business. See examples of our work in action

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About Us

As supporters of community projects, and charitable cause we always volunteer assistance where possible. We support non-profits through our proceeds.

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Beam Your Business into 2021

View our services and see some examples of our work in action.


Some feedback from a sample of our many happy customers

A sole trader, based in a metropolitan American city. A population consisting of wealthy elite. Those either unable, or unwilling to service their own homes. Big homes. Converting each day that we resume the campaigns for as little as $3 per lead in an industry where the average click is $15. The revenue from one sale exceeded $500 with 80% profit. This enabled the sole trader to set up practice in America, open a small store, buy more equipment, purchase two branded vehicles and hire three new employees.

HEPA Duct Servicing HEPA Duct Servicing

We ran a promotion before the winter holidays, offering a free teeth whitening to the established target demographic, increasing patient signups with the use of the treatment. Any subsequent visits and treatments were additional business revenue. In a short month we produced 15 new patients. A monumental achievement, and with average dental patient lifetime billings being around £46,000. A potential £690,000 lifetime value was created in just a month.

Dental Practitioner Dental Practitioner

We put together a comprehensive marketing strategy. Creating a persona for the brand. Utilising rich media both in advertising, social media and for press releases. We created an interest in this product, by first using their media to run impression based marketing on YouTube. With short cinematic clips that contained branding. OverOver 3,000,000 unique ad views and the first sale of services online.£8,000 profit for a happy board. With investment including OnDevs Ltd. fees totaling £1,500

Eco-Funeral Services Eco-Funeral Services

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